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Hi. I'm Brian Doyle, Executive Managing Partner of Doyle and Loughman Wealth Management Group.

Steve Loughman, Executive Managing Partner and I have been working here in the Upper Valley for

almost 20 years, helping families create and preserve wealth.

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Well, I think what sets us apart is we've already our families right here in the Upper Valley, and when

we go to soccer games or the supermarket, we see our clients, we interact with them, and it makes us

really proud to help them achieve their financial goals. Our approach at the Doyle and Loughman

Wealth Management Group is to be proactive. We try to sit down with our clients, get to know their

situation inside and out, get to know their families, their goals and objectives, and make sure that the

investment management side of their life is consistent with where they're trying to get to.

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We view risk management as a very important component of every portfolio.

[00:00:49.680] - Speaker 2

Brian and I are so fortunate to have a wonderful team of client associates. We have six client

associates, many of whom have been with us from the beginning. Michelle Mardanes, Nancy St.

Aubin and Karen Price have all been with us since we started. Their dedication, their attention to

detail, their caringness towards the clients has been incredibly valuable in terms of their relationship

with the clients and making sure that when things need to get done, we can get them done.

[00:01:16.880] - Speaker 3

I have the privilege, after 20 years of being here, to be the first one in the office to welcome and greet

our clients as they come through the door. And it's so nice to get to know them on a more personal


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We believe our clients feel the stability of our team with every interaction. Our team is really one big

family, and our clients interact with them so much and so often over the years that they become part

of the family.

[00:01:45.530] - Speaker 4

I love that we are able to connect with different people every day with different needs and unique

situations, and we're able to handle whatever it is they bring our way. And we have a team of

resources right here in our office that have been working together for years.

[00:02:06.530] - Speaker 1

When we work with families for 15 to 20 years, we get to know the family very well. Questions come

up about how we're going to transfer wealth from one generation to the next. How are we going to

instill the same values in the next generation? How is the family going to manage their charitable

giving? How are they going to manage their family business?

[00:02:26.810] - Speaker 2

Brian and I are very fortunate. We have 40 years of combined industry experience, but we also are

young enough that we're going to be able to work with our clients for many years to come. So we feel

that we're able to provide wonderful industry experience with longevity, which is a unique and very

valuable combination.

[00:02:46.130] - Speaker 1

We care about our clients, we've care about their needs, and we care about their future aspirations.

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